Thursday, 6 April 2017

Mobile Devices Opportunity and Future of Mobile Apps Management

Nowadays, mobile devices like PDA, tablets, smartphone and mobile phone are an important. It’s difficult to imagine life without these devices in a pocket. Today, mobile app devices can make calls and to provide the possibilities of collaboration and communication with office, friends, family and colleagues. You can create games with FPS Game Creator and dark basic professional.  

Nowadays mobile device provide wide range of latest features; messaging, listening to music, gaming, watching videos, shopping, social networking, browsing, consumption, news, etc.That’s why tablets and smartphone became popular in last years. 

So, mobile device industry is evolved permanently expands- tablet sales, internet subscribers, app download, phone, and smartphone- all predicts good future in the mobile industry.    

First of all main figures are very impressive-

-       Nowadays, total number of subscribers are around 5.3 billion and 30% of a total amount shows smartphone audience;

-       Because for app or game industries the analysts show that global app market will hit 10 billion by the end of 2012. Mobile game’s revenue surpassed USD16 billion in 2015.

-       Canals show that direct profit from app’s sales- subscription and purchases across tablet and mobile will be more than UAS 14 billion on 2013 rising up-to USD 38 billion in the year 2015. 

-       Gross revenue of Google from advertising is more than USD 1 billion per year- Android is forecasted to became the number one mobile operating system in 2012-  39% of a market.    

Increasing mobile sales, rapid growth in tablet market and continuous achievement in mobile app or game development shows in this industry that will become interesting in a coming year. More users prefer to utilize app devices for internet access comparing to a desktop computer.

Mobile App Market and Game Creator

The mobile apps and games are working on mobile, PDAs, smartphones or tablets. Apps are pre-installed on devices or can be installed by user with the help of its network, Bluetooth, infrared, 3G, Wi-Fi, USB cable or memory card. 

Therefore, mobile app market grows with apps market. Nowadays app development is most potential marketplace that is properly focused on large, medium or small mobile apps. AppnGame is tool created for the purpose of quickly developing 2D side scrolling apps or games.  
The user needs to purchase order food, travel tickets, buying movie tickets, paying debts, accessing social networking websites, editing documents, playing games and sharing photos with the help of mobiles. 

Most devices have main apps; however, you may download many apps to customize mobile devices. To run any successful business far from this office, it’s also important to have mobile business tools to edit and view office documents for example, Quick-Office, online services (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), powerful organizers, business cards etc.           

Find below some facts about apps-
-       The main apps game ‘Angry Birds’ cost only USD 140,000 to develop USD 70 million profit
-       The app’s store include more than 100,000 apps and games

-       In Oct, 2011, Apple announces more than 18 billion of apps are downloaded from store 

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